PDR are at the Science Museum

October 15, 2013

PDR’s work with the Maxillofacial Unit at Morriston Hospital is featured in the recently opened ‘3D: Printing the Future’ exhibition at the Science Museum, London. 

Led by consultant maxillofacial surgeon, Mr Adrian Sugar, the complex case uses patient-specific implants and surgical guides to re-position facial bones during surgery following multiple serious traumatic injuries. 

Sean Peel and Ffion O’Malley from PDR worked with Adrian Sugar and Peter Evans to virtually plan the complicated surgery and to design guides that assisted in cutting and positioning the bones.  Bespoke implants that provide permanent fixation were then designed by the team.  The guides and implants were produced using Additive Manufacturing (AM) (also known as 3D printing) in medical grade titanium. 

PDR undertakes pioneering research into the effective use of AM/3D printing to produce patient specific implants and bespoke devices.  For further information on our research in this area visit the Medical Applications page.

You can also read about this news on the BBC NEWS.